Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Halloween and Hikes

This year we had a ninja, a burglar, a football player, an army guy, and a princess.
This bunch is just too cute :)
Also this year Cami got to go the the Halloween Stake dance and invited an old friend, Lindsey Morales.  It really does amaze me how, though months go by without even seeing each other, but then when they get together it's like nothing has passed or changed.  I LOVE that!  It was cute to watch them get ready for the dance together.
Cami and Lindsey
And during our Vetran's Day school break, a friend of mine shot out an invite to go hiking with our kiddos and I'm so glad we went!  I was super foggy but such an enjoyable time.
The kid Hiking Gang
Rachel, Janay, and myself
Friends are so fun! 

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