Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Halloween and Hikes

This year we had a ninja, a burglar, a football player, an army guy, and a princess.
This bunch is just too cute :)
Also this year Cami got to go the the Halloween Stake dance and invited an old friend, Lindsey Morales.  It really does amaze me how, though months go by without even seeing each other, but then when they get together it's like nothing has passed or changed.  I LOVE that!  It was cute to watch them get ready for the dance together.
Cami and Lindsey
And during our Vetran's Day school break, a friend of mine shot out an invite to go hiking with our kiddos and I'm so glad we went!  I was super foggy but such an enjoyable time.
The kid Hiking Gang
Rachel, Janay, and myself
Friends are so fun! 

Monday, October 31, 2016

Creations and creating memories

So I've been learning how to knit recently and my friend helped me make a cute little hat for Audrey!  I still have to finish a couple of attachments but I thought it turned out so cute!
Alex had been learning some origami through scouts and he was proud of his creations too
And we totally went back to the farm.  I couldn't help myself.  I needed to get out and the rain let up for the morning, so I took my two little ones and spent the morning there.  I love watching them play together and roam through the corn maze.  I let Craig and Audrey lead the way, they LOVED it!
P.S.  I totally got another one of those caramel apples ;)

Sunday, October 30, 2016

8 is GREAT!!

Carson officially turned 8.  I really do think birthday's are so fun.  Especially when you get to see a child's beaming face all day.  We made him our money pancakes, which he assembled double decker style.  He was quite proud of that :)
Presents of course
And A super cool cake that Carson researched, so I could have it look right ;)
He is such a fun loving little guy.  He loves people, loves sports, loves puzzles, loves hanging out with his friends, and he loves to be artistic.  I'll be honest I don't see him do it much, but when he pulls it out he takes his time and puts in a lot of thought as he sketches, paints, or colors.  It's the cutest thing to me.  This little piece took him a good half hour contemplating and putting it together.
Then the next day he did this one.  SO CUTE!  It's the details that kill me.  The little spikes on his fence, the different shades in the sky, the shadowed witch in the lighted window.  I love seeing what he comes up with.  (It totally kept this picture for future display in our home for Halloweens)
And then came the REALLY big day.  His baptism day.  He was so happy for this day.  On our way to get ready for his baptism he yells in the car, "I'm so excited!!"  It is such a wonderful thing to see the delight in his good choices.  He's a very sweet boy and we love him so much!
Lots of family came and I wish I got a picture of them all, but I am so grateful for all who came to support Carson on his special day.
Carson, Grandma Elli, and Jeremy
Jeremy baptized Carson on October 29.  What a special Day
We sure love you Carson and are proud of your good choices and your desire to do good

Friday, October 14, 2016

Different Seasons

Soccer Season has come to an end for the fall.  We really do enjoy watching our kids play their sports and have such a good time while at the same time learning new skills and developing a sense of teamwork.
I caught Carson in action on his last game one evening
And this is Alex's team after his last game for the season.  They had a sweet victory, winning by shoot out, against the only team they had lost to at the very beginning of the season. Jeremy LOVES coaching, and he as really helped these boys develop their skills and gain confidence in their abilities.  To say the least, this last game made Coach Anderson very happy :0)
As soccer ended, football started.  Prosser football is a big deal here in this town and so we decided to join with friends to enjoy the home games.  Audrey loved the free space to run and snack on fun foods.
Craig too loved running around and hanging with his friends.  It is really fun to watch him interact with his buddies.  Girls and Boys :)
Papa Steve stopped by one Saturday to do his traditional birthday ice cream with the birthday kiddos.  It is a fun and memorable outing the kids always count on.  So I had to make sure to capture it, because this time I got to come along :)
Our garden surprised us this fall, we found one last nice sized, beautifully colored strawberry.  Well, Craig found it, and he was quite proud
I tried to convince him to maybe wait and share it with the others... he thought otherwise lol.
We also hit up Bill's Berry Farm.  This time of year is my favorite to go, because they have my favorite activities there.  The kids all wanted to ride the farm barrel ride.  Craig up front, then Kurtis (my sister Jessica's son), and then Audrey.  They were excited!
But the moment they took off Audrey started crying, which made Kurtis cry as well.  The WHOLE way around the farm Audrey bawled.  I probably shouldn't of, but it totally made me laugh.  
Before leaving I bought a caramel, which I hadn't had for years!  So delish!  It made me want to go back and get another one soon.

Monday, October 10, 2016

Birthdays are So fun

This year for Jeremy's birthday we hung out as a family and enjoyed good food.  I made one of his favorite soups, Zuppa Toscana, and a coconut chocolate cake.  To my surprise and happiness, he said it was probably his favorite cake ever!  That's a wow for me!  I'm not the biggest variety chef, so when Jeremy's birthday comes around (cuz he's kind of a foodie), I aim to impress.  We sure love this handsome guy.  Happy birthday Jeremy!

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Can it be true? Is she actually 2??

It's true!
This little bundle of joy has been a sparkle in our lives.
The celebration was simple but she was delighted.  Grandma Christian came up earlier that week to wish her a happy birthday
It was so fun to watch her open up her presents.  She was a pro!  Like she had been doing it for years lol
Her face was the cutest to watch.  Her eyes lighting up every time she pulled out something new.
It was a special treat to have Grandma Ellie here for her birthday.  I know it made her feel extra special!!
She loved all her new playdough fun!
We all adore her and thought she was the cutest little thing in her new outfits
Grandma Ellie saved the day by preparing ahead and helping us get a birthday cake ready for her.  She loved that ice cream cake!
And blowing out the candles.  Singing to her was adorable, she even started to join in on her own song :)
Yummy cake, thank you grandma Ellie!
Cami too, wanted to feel like a birthday princess  ;)
Birthdays are so fun :)